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Replica U-BOAT Classico 40 IPB BLACK DIAMONDS 6951 watch

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Replica U-BOAT Classico 40 IPB BLACK DIAMONDS 6951 watch

Nieprzeczytany postautor: babyqi » 21 maja 2019, 04:11


As the history of the breitling navitimer replica First Ladies dedicated three ask wrist watch, this watch diameter is only 33.7 mm of the Ladies First three ask time wrist watch, relying on its slender body and the powerful functions contained, in 2011 Basel watch exhibition won wide attention. This watch is equipped with the cal.r 27 PS movement independently developed by . It is one of the world's thinest timepiece movement with a diameter of 28 mm and an eccentric mini automatic disk with a thickness of only 5.05 mm embedded in the main board. It is composed of 342 parts. Three ask the table is smaller, the more can reflect its value, this only the real lady three ask table not only in the movement of 28 mm to accommodate all three ask structure, but also installed a 22K gold pearl tuo, visible its high degree of complexity. In addition, the movement is integrated with hundreds of parts that work together in a coordinated manner. To avoid friction, tiny gaps are left in the design so as to make the ringing sound of the time sound loud and clear.

This is small and exquisite lady 3 ask, neither on the appearance diamond ornament, also do not have too much decorate, it is to compare in ladies wrist watch one, also calculate in the female watch of more low-key. But it is such a small lady three questions, but with the most complex function of the female table, can be said to be sparrow is small, wuzang. In addition, adhering to the fine process of , in the process of making three table is also natural strict control, by two presidents personally listened to and satisfied with the factory. In this way, the brand of the three questions to tell the time watch full, melodious sound natural become a unique and symbol. That "ding dong" walking sound, accompanied by time from the fingers flow away, brietling watch replica also can let people experience some other state of mind.

The sky map on the back clearly shows the stellar activity, while the sky map in the northern (or optionally southern) hemisphere rotates counterclockwise, showing the movement of the stars and moon, the phases of the moon and moon. The two central hands show the star time on the 24-hour scale. The use of elliptical lines shows the extent of the night sky visible at a particular location. The gem glass display has 279 teeth and is constantly turning to track the angular motion of the moon. In the lower cover, a 24-hour sidereal time display and a golden elliptical track are also designed to provide a view of the sky over a site.

According to Eric, this super complex wristwatch, watch factory only produced two a year. Set gaozhuo watchmaking process and innovative shape design in one, by many collectors and enthusiasts to chase after. In April 2008, sotheby's Hong Kong spring sale for hk $11,751,500 set a modern watch world auction record. And in China's largest watch mall - wan watch network, it is for this -Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref.5002P mechanical men's watch marked a price of 17,600,000 yuan, so high price is eye-opening, worthy of the "blue blood noble watch" reputation.

The best replica watches uk movement contains 686 parts, some of which are extremely tiny. PatekPhilippe 5002P, also known as SkyMoonTourbillon 5002P model, is the most complex wristwatch product of PatekPhilippe since its establishment, and is also known as the best work in existence. The movement is made up of 686 parts, which constitute the 12 most important complex functions of the watch: tourbillon, perpetual calendar, lunar calendar, leap year cycle, week, month, date, flying back, three questions, sky chart, moon phase and moon track. Because of its technical complexity and ingenious design, only one of the 180 masters could make this model.

In the hands of the master, a pocket watch case after carving into a work of art, bright outline and beautiful relief, in the light touch as if to obtain life, flashing bright. The same tools are also used to decorate delicate hollow-out movements, carved with arabesque and spiral motifs. This is a highly skilled craft, requiring a keen and deft artistic perspective that only a handful of top craftsmen can master.

The term encompasses a variety of traditional techniques that actively supports. One of the most complex nature is enamel miniatures painted, which is undoubtedly a unique process in Geneva, every year will use this process to decorate part of the watch and watch. Cloisonne enamel craft can make the chromatic adornment that gives yi yi unripe brightness, deduce the full-bodied colour effect that resembles chromatic glass. High-grade gem wrist watch wants to be dial, watch case, watch chain and watch clasp enchase the precious gem with excellent quality, these are precise enchase craft only experienced, talent is outstanding gem craftsman ability is finished. Some of the works incorporate a variety of rare craft traditions, such as the use of hand carved patterns underneath brightly colored translucent enamel. Elaborately made, mens replica watch exudes a unique artistic atmosphere. will guard these skills.
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