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Six (1) Class 1 Experimental Primary School

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Six (1) Class 1 Experimental Primary School

Nieprzeczytany postautor: ylq » 21 cze 2018, 08:37

Everyone knows that filial piety is the virtue of the Chinese nation. Parents have given us life, brought us to this world, used their selfless devotion, raised us up, let us learn knowledge, learn skills and learn from others. Filial piety is a matter of right and wrong.
The am a good boy who filials my parents. Every day, I will insist on doing housework and relieve my mother's burden. In the evening, I will prepare foot-washing water for them, let the parents who work for a day soak their feet comfortably, and tell them about the happenings in school. Whenever my parents have a birthday, I will prepare a gift for them; when my parents give me something to eat, I will give them a little; when they come home from work Marlboro Cigarettes, tired and lying on the sofa, I They will give them back and squeeze their shoulders to let them relax; whenever Mom and Dad overwork for us and fall ill Marlboro Gold Pack, I will give them a cup of hot water and give them medication Newport Cigarettes Price. And chat with my parents and tell them jokes. I think: As long as the most sincere and warmest blessings are delivered, Mom and Dad will surely feel it. In order to prevent my parents from worrying about my studies Newport Cigarettes, at school, I concentrate on the lectures. At home, I will consciously complete my homework. When I get to the exam, I will get good grades. Every school year, I will be rated as an outstanding student by the school, so that my parents feel happy Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. I am proud and proud.n my head, I also stored my memory pearls for filial piety: It was in a cold w
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