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A range of little developments Ubisoft

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A range of little developments Ubisoft

Nieprzeczytany postautor: Mmoak2018 » 11 wrz 2018, 09:35

In July 2016, Ubisoft released Operation Skull Rain, Siege expansion. The upgrade was free, consisting of 2 Operators--Capitao and Caveira--and also one map. While Capitao and his crossbow have not been perfected and have been the subject of many tweaks since launch, Caveira is a well-balanced Buy R6 credits, distinctive personality that made Siege simultaneously more stylish and more lively: as a dedicated roamer, Caveira meant that you could no longer expect to get all the way to the target room without seeing an enemy guardian, effectively enlarging the reach of each map.Operation Skull Rain also brought a new loadout display to better highlight each Operator's special personality and color.

Year 1's final Season of DLC, branded Operation Red Crow and published in November 2016, was Japan-themed. The map, Skyscraper, has been put atop a Japanese tower, complete with a tea room and thin (and very destructible) shoji screens. The additional Operators, meanwhile, have experienced life cycles. Echo along with his concussion drone have been seldom used and generally considered underpowered in all but the most seasoned hands, while Hibana quickly became a favorite among the community for her ranged X-Kairos pellets, which may permeate reinforced walls in an identical way to Thermite.

It wasn't perfect, but Ubisoft had now ironed out the majority of problems the launch sport carried, while also expanding it in terms of maps and its roster of figures. Additionally, that cast grew significantly more varied in that calendar year, with more female characters included and cultural minorities now represented a lot more prominently than previously.

Ultimately, as an instance of a range of little developments Ubisoft has made since launch news, Operation Red Crow heralded the introduction of caliber-based devastation for all weapons, meaning a hefty sniper rifle would now make a bigger hole in a wall than one SMG bullet.
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Odp.: A range of little developments Ubisoft

Nieprzeczytany postautor: richardgorevr » 11 wrz 2018, 17:16

Nie mam za bardzo doświadczenia w tym obszarze. Raczej nie będę w stanie pomóc.
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