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EXPODENT Toruń 22-23.10.2010

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EXPODENT Toruń 22-23.10.2010

Nieprzeczytany postautor: mymy » 09 maja 2010, 10:55

Termin: 22-23 października 2010 roku
Miejsce: Toruń, ul. Gagarina 11, Aula UMK

Za udział w konferencji lekarze otrzymają punkty edukacyjne.

Zgłoszenia przyjmuje i informacji udziela:
Sekretariat Centrum Konferencji i Wystaw Expo-Andre
87-100 Toruń, ul. Prosta 19/7
skr. poczt.290
Karta zgłoszeniowa: > L I N K <

tel: 056/ 657-35-05
tel/fax: 056/ 657-35-06
tel.kom. 0-516-037-516, 0-506-134-639

e-mail: biuro@andrehz.neostrada.pl
www: http://www.expo-andre.pl

Zaproszeni goście: > L I N K <
Nie należy lekceważyć drobnostek bo od nich zależy doskonałość. Michał Anioł.
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Kierunek studiów: Lekarsko-Dentystyczny
Rok studiów: Studia ukończone
Miasto uczelni: Zabrze
Uczelnia: Śląski Uniwersytet Medyczny w Katowicach
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Nieprzeczytany postautor: jordanss123 » 01 mar 2017, 13:37

Biology article,air max pas cher
News: POSTING RULES FOR MAIN CZ BOARDS: (1) The CZ Forums are Citizens-only (a "Citizen" is a Citizendium member). Non-Citizens may use only the "Non-Citizen comments" board, but still must register before posting (it's easy!). Non-Citizen posts elsewhere will be summarily deleted. (2) All must use their own real names. To edit your displayed name,air max pas cher, click on Profile > Account Related Settings. (3) Citizens must link to their CZ user pages. To edit your signature,air max pas cher, click on Profile > Forum Profile Information.
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There needs to be a copyediting route,air max pas cher, of course. But we have discussed that and there is no pragmatic solution at present. We don have a style manual set yet, and we don have the technical resources presently to make modifications. So, we have all agreed to carry on rather than stall the enterprise. This current question about making edits in the biology article does not address either the style manual or coming up with a technical solution for copyediting.
Perhaps you will repond more directly to Thomas Kelly (and others) requests to have the biology article changed. I already have,air max pas cher, the best I can. If you are able to make these minor changes and "correct" the article David,air max pas cher, by all means do so. In no way do I think problems will take care of themselves, that not my point at all. My point is that approved articles are reasonably reliable and that constant easy so-called "minor" changes,air max pas cher, as is available to every user of wikipedia to make,air max pas cher, and is available for CZ users of the pilot to make on articles that are not yet approved,air max pas cher, can easily make the tiny number of approved articles that we do have unreliable instead of "corrected".
My point is that (please go back and read the comments that I made on the biology-draft-talk page) with our present server and such limited personel- including no full-time technical staff, we do not seem to be in a position to focus on new editions of approved articles on a frequent basis. Not daily or weekly or even monthly - when we are trying to get so many articles that are in much poorer states into some kind of reasonable shape. Without careful attention,air max pas cher, small changes can worsen instead of improve an approved article and a new edition requires real work.
For example,air max pas cher, one of the edits being suggested for the biology article is a short definition of microbiology that includes a description of microbiology as encompasing the study of viruses and immunology. I have stated this, I know that you - on other pages- have stated this also and still there is great concern that it is not being immediately incorporated into the biology article. I think having editions of approved articles that take a couple of months,air max pas cher, at minimum,air max pas cher, are to be expected until we work over the rough ground of the majority of our articles. Otherwise our time is spent arguing over minor points in articles we can feel are "OK", and no progress will be made. That just my opinion,air max pas cher, if you -and/or others- want to change the biology article and approve the new version,air max pas cher, please do so. I think that the way to go (more or less as you suggest) For various reasons I would prefer that it not be me on this one, but Im willing to do my share elsewhere.
Perhaps in February I may be able to start takinging WP MOS pages into CZ live and start editing them to our needs. (Based on the comments on the bio talk page we do need to standardize abbreviations very soon.) And if there is nobody better, I do my share of copyediting.
As for policy about what is suitable to release,air max pas cher, I continue to think you are wrong. Much of the continuing bad odor of WP in some circles wa brought about by the crudeness of some of the early articles,air max pas cher, and people do not forget that. I done a few hundred reviews of reference books,air max pas cher, online and in print I know what I would say about this one if the first few articles are not close to perfect. (I am disqualified from reviewing this one,air max pas cher, of course, but I can predict what some of the people I know will write,air max pas cher, All the people who will want to say that with all our rhetoric we no better than WP will have a good opportunity here. Any defense we make will amount to saying we were in a rush to publish. However true,air max pas cher, it won help us with the public.)
This really needs wider discussion but I am reluctant to criticize one of our groups articles in a more open way,air max pas cher.
The only reason I started this was because microbiology was not listed. I knew it would be somewhat controversial to add immunology as a subgroup of microbiology (even though this is a response to microorganisms - which is part of at least one definition of microbiology, especially medical microbiology). However, I didn foresee virology being quite as controversial as it is. I don think the argument should be are viruses alive or not,air max pas cher, but I do feel that they should be included with microbiology. We don even need to list them in the biology article,air max pas cher, but we DO need a microbiology link somewhere in the list..

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